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Child Education

Child Education

Education plays a very vital role in the growth of a child.

A child’s formative years is the time when the right and meaningful education should be imparted to them.

Education doesn’t necessarily mean studying the syllabus/curriculum followed by the school but understanding the true values, morals and manners is the basic and necessary education every child should be taught in the early years.

The basis of education is changing rapidly nowadays. In these times, what might seem right to one may not seem right to other. What is more important is that every child above the age of 2 plus should be imparted basic education comprising of morals, manners and empathy at home. It is the duty of every parent to make a child understand what is right and wrong. Then comes the Montessori training.

Nowadays, preschool curriculum includes a very interactive, goal oriented and easy to understand books for the tiny tots so as to make their first experience of going to school interesting and enriching.

Learning and education takes place in various forms and methods. Early learning of a child begins at home where he/she observes the surroundings, behavior of the adults around them, daily practices, food they eat and how they spend their leisure time. It is very important to take care of these little things as they become big things in the life of a child and they adapt these things for life.

We need to find hands-on learning activities and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. Some activities that are designed to help develop specific abilities like gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Discover inspiration for your preschool classroom related to literacy, art, sensory play, motor skills, and many more. A recent survey reflects on how to make memory books with your students, while another lists amazing ideas for outdoor learning.

Plan free activities to inspire preschool children on weekly basis. To easily find what you need, browse through the learning areas or themes. You’ll find songs, rhymes, book activities, crafts, and many others.

Look out for tips for meeting the needs of all your students with engaging, developmentally appropriate activities like sensory tables.

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