Performing Art

The performing Arts often aim to express one’s emotions and feelings in which artists use their voices, bodies or objects to convey artistic expression. Drama, music, dance and object manipulation, and other kinds of performances are present in all human cultures. Many performing arts are performed professionally. Performing arts has a well-placed significance in the civilization and tradition of Indian society.

Indian performing arts are well praised by people from across the globe. Also, Performing Arts develop abstract reasoning necessary for academic success basically in Mathematics and Science as they improve the ability of higher order thinking skills(HOTS).


Dramatic club is a platform for the students who are interested in reading, writing and acting. Our school gives an opportunity to the students from classes 1 to 12 to opt for this club. Drama helps an individual to develop self expression, communication, confidence and interpersonal skills. This club encourages students to showcase their acting as well as directorial skills through skits, plays, and nukkad natak.

Members of the dramatics club are given an opportunity to showcase their talent during the school Annual Day Program, Teacher’s Day Celebration, Grand Parents Day Celebration and various other occasions.


Music may also refer to the art of composing such pleasant sounds with the help of various musical instruments. Harmony in our school is the best club for the children to learn to play different types of musical instruments like Synthcizer, Congo-Bongo, Guitar, Dholak, Tabla, Sitar, Harmonium, etc. with the help of their mentors.

Time to time, we organize various competitions of instrumental and vocal music. We have a good platform for all age group of students to develop their skills and hidden talent.


Dance club is one way that keeps students both happy and focused – it helps them stay healthy in a fun way. Dance club also has helped the students from feeling homesick during the pandemic. Through Folk Dance Club, teachers pass a cultural spirit to the students.

Dances are taught in different ways such as text documentation, videos, and graphical notation. These actions include recordings, digitization, and reconstruction of folk dances.


The beauty of a nation is in its significantly rich and diverse cultural roots. Traditional music, dance and art forms are what lie at the core of cultural expression. Folk dance amongst other cultural art forms is one of that unifies and entertains the masses of a nation in rhythmatic harmony. Manava Bharati India International provides the platform where students can learn folk dance styles from different cultural backgrounds.

This club not only focuses on dance but also makes the students learn teamwork and cooperation.


Dance is one such motion that needs no reason to be performed. It is an amalgamation of emotions which is conveyed through performer’s expressions and every limb and part of the body. Bharatanatyam is one of the classical dance forms in India, holding a preeminent position which not only provides spiritual satisfaction to the performer but also gives aesthetic experiences to the audience.

If we break BHARATANATYAM we get (BHA which means – Bhava + RA means – Raga + TA means – Tala + NATAYAM means – Dance).

So it’s a dance piece which involves bhava, raga, tala and dance. It is the classical dance form of Tamil Naidu. It feels good to see how science and technology which have made life easy practically in every respect have benefitted the performing arts too.

The dancer does not have to dance on the stone floor any longer since now the stages are provided with smooth wooden floor, sound system is there and through this development it becomes easier for schools to give opportunities to students to learn and develop new art which not only develops their overall personality but also makes them aware about their cultural heritage and the roots they belong to. Our school (Manava Bharati India International School) has opened Bharatanatyam club through which students are getting an opportunity to enrich themselves and learn their cultural art. What is more interesting and surprising is that students are learning this art form with full enthusiasm and passion which is making this club worthwhile.