Curriculum – Manava Bharati


Manava Bharati India International School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education which encourages vigorous, dynamic and vibrant education to bring out the best in every child.

It promotes well rounded development of every individual child in terms of their intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth.

The NCERT books were created with the objective to impart crucial knowledge in the most clear and concise manner of all crucial knowledge about our world and society.

Pre- Primary

Manava Bharati India International School aims to create a robust environment that helps children develop their gross motor and communication skills which are the basic building blocks for an individual to be a functional and productive member of society. As children understand more about their surroundings and themselves it boosts their confidence to learn and explore more.


Language is the key that allows one to partake in society and the goal of the school at this stage is to help children master it. The listening, speaking, writing and reading skills of students are honed to help them have a deeper understanding of what they are learning and how it is relevant to their lives. The encourages rationale and a scientific temperament that enables individuals to pursue their curiosity in order to learn and observe from their natural surroundings.

Secondary and Senior Secondary

The school works towards creating an interdisciplinary and dynamic concept for learning to encourage discourse and creative learning. The well furnished labs provide practical learning which is more interesting and easier to learn for students.

Apart from academics the school also provides a platform for students to partake in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which spark talent and motivation in students. This helps individuals to figure out what they are good at and how it can be channeled towards their future to give their life meaning and value

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