School Monthly Magazine - Thinker's Leaf

Manava Bharati India International School has taken an essential initiative to foster creative skills and improvise the overall development of students through their monthly magazines in three languages (English, Hindi and Sanskrit.) These three magazines open a wide window for the students where they can peep into their own hidden talent with a spark of creativity. Thinker’s Leaf (English Magazines) provides a platform for the students where they use their own imagination on the themes related with important events, topics and social issues to bring awareness amongst the students.

The students showcase their talent in writing skills where they compile self-composed poetry, articles, reports, stories etc. This is the perfect medium to train the future writers, poets, authors, reporters etc. In nutshell, Thinker’s Leaf is the best mode to give students the opportunity to experiment with themselves and brings laurels to the school. Through this initiative, our students also participate in writing competitions conducted by different resources.