Teacher Development

When teachers learn new skills, so do the students. Teachers who pick up new skills and knowledge bring a higher level of energy into the classroom. They are better prepared to handle challenges involving difficult students. This leads to better outcomes for students. Teachers’ professional development and training is considered to be an encouragement for the teachers to be active participants in their own learning at MBIIS. To develop the necessary knowledge-base and skills, teachers require to carry out their role effectively. This does not only involve learning new theoretical teaching ideas and suggestions but also trying them out and learning how to make them more effective within their teaching contexts.

Teachers’ ongoing reflection, evaluation and analysis of their own practices are necessary elements of their professional development as these can support them in  constructing new teaching theories and improve their performances. In order to connect with students, understand them better and keeping the vision of successful teaching in mind, various training programmes and workshops are conducted for the teachers. Teachers training include the following:

  • Courses available in DIKSHA platform.
  • School Innovation Ambassador Training Program
  • National Education Policy.
  • CBSE webinars
  • Training and workshop held by resource persons from various esteemed institutions.

Teachers encourage positive social and emotional development in young students and the ones who are constantly learning new skills also enhance their careers.