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Sustainable Development Goals and Financial Literary Club are an experimental platform that provide more practical knowledge to students and help them become responsible members of society. Inspired by the United Nations General Assembly meet in September 2015, the school hopes to awaken a civic sense in each student that allows them to take a more proactive stance towards making a difference in society.

The UNGA set 17 goals for the entire planet to be achieved by 2030 known as SDGs, which form the base inspiration of this club. This initiative is carried out by the students through debate and literary competitions, quizzes, Creative writing events and group discussions. The aim of this club is to churn out members of society who will work towards achieving these goals in their everyday life.

This year, an important topic of discussion amongst these SGDs is ‘Waste Management’ as it is an aspect of our lives that every single person must commit and contribute to but is quite often overlooked. The club also helps keep students informed about the latest news in regards to Science and Technology, and the different services and advancements that are created every year.


Science is one of the most enrapturing subjects out there, especially with its rapidly developing scope and potential. Everything in the world can be broken down and understood by scientific methods which are resolute and unchanging, creating a fascination amongst those who try and understand these rules and laws of the world.

So for the students with strong inclination towards science and for giving wings to their curious minds Manava Bharati India International School created a science Club popularly known as Science Musketeers. Glimpses of club pictures are enough to show how young minds are exploring science in day to day life.


To develop an interest in science outside the classroom and introduce students to the wonders that life unfolds. If students are exposed to a more practical understanding of scientific reason and methods of the real world, it is natural that they will show a deeper interest in the subject as they grow and develop.

This club also aims to develop sustainable methods of functioning which are good for our environment and should be adopted by every individual.

The tries to eradicate the false idea that Science is a difficult subject by step by step introduction to topics in an easy and interesting manner that engages the curiosity of the student rather than forcing information on them.


Introduction: Mathematics club comprises a team of well qualified, trained and dedicated teachers to bring computational skills amongst students. As mathematics requires a constant practice, therefore MBIIS has initiated Mathemagician which is a club to ensure active involvement of the teachers to enable opportunities to get children engage in a skillful environment. Mathematics HOD Mr. Sanjeev Rawat with his team attends various workshops, activities registered with NCERT to get a proper update concerned to Mathematics.

MOTIVE/GOAL of Mathemagician: As the name suggests, this club brings to teach that Mathematics is a world of Magic where one has to play with numbers and structures with different dimension. Mathemagician approaches to the solutions of every problem differently with a methodology of peer- tutoring and collaborative learning. Our team explores facts, postulates and theorems with the students enrolled in Mathemagician where we have keen concern towards the practical implementation.

Our junior category (classes I to V) of Mathemagician is headed by Ms. Anuradha Mehra who has a motto of teaching Mathematics with all fun activities.

Our senior category( classes Vi to XII) of mathemagician headed by Mr. Deepak Rawat conducts various Mathematical Quizzes , competition’s , Mental ability tests , Reasoning etc.

Methodology: Mathemagician strategies and inculcates to develop computational skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills amongst students. Our team uses all the technical components to make teaching and learning more curious amongst peers.

Our key concern is to teach through the concepts of Dimensions such as 2-D, 3-D etc which also enhances the concepts of a child to get over other technical subjects like physics, Astro-Physics, Mechanics and many more. Our senior category even participated in MIS Mathematical Conference, Mussorie and got special recommendation rank for their demonstrations on advance Mathematics.


In any context, one cannot just pay attention to the mind but also develop and look after the body as well. Manava Bharati India International School is an activity oriented organisation that hopes to develop not just the intellectual capabilities of students but the physical ones as well. Sports and physical activities create a healthy diversion for the mind needed to refresh an individual’s outlook so that they can focus better and avoid a sense of burn out.

The motive of the club is to make students healthier and to avoid medical complications that can accompany a sedentary lifestyle.

The club encourages timely movement, exercises and light physical challenges that help students maximise their efficiency and reduce the chances of getting ill.


Model United Nations are a symbol for prestige and honour in any school as the most talented students take the forefront in debate and discussion to learn and compete with one another.

As the name suggests MUN is based on the true functioning of the United Nation Committees as students act as delegates representing different countries to inculcate diplomacy, leadership, time and space management skills and most importantly a sense of camaraderie that emerges from competing and working with one another to achieve common goals.

Students come together to deliberate and discuss various real life issues and crises as simulated by the United Nations which creates a deeper understanding of International Politics and general awareness which is highly valued in any individual.


Manava Bharati India International School has always believed in waste management and segregation as it is of utmost importance in our society to reduce our materialistic footprint and to create a sustainable society. This club promotes recycling and introduces various methods as to how each individual can take just a little bit of time out of their life to create a healthier living space for all humans alike.

In our society, poor waste management leads to a number of problems such as pollution, degradation of the environment caused by human beings and diseases that can easily be resolved or reduced through a few steps of waste management and segregation. The club organises clean up drives and awareness raising campaigns to further spread the importance of waste management not just for students but every individual member of society.


Photography is a way of feeling of touching, of loving, what you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything. The Photography Club of Manava Bharati School, Dehradun gives an opportunity to the students to capture the moments in their cameras. It exposes them to the real life.

Mostly the students who can embrace the art of photography choose to be a photographer. They learn that each photo clicked has a story which can touch the hearts and even the souls of millions. Students enthusiastically participate in various intra and inter-school photography competitions. This gives them a chance to showcase their imbibed talent. We also encourage young budding talents to interact with the professional photographers. Photography club enhances the creativity of the students.

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