Interaction of class 11th and class 12th with Ashoka University representative - Manava Bharati

Interaction of class 11th and class 12th with Ashoka University representative

On 2 August 2022, Manava Bharati India International School organised for its students of classes 11th and 12th an interactive session with a representative Rangoli Dhingra Academic Counselor Outreach from Ashoka University, a private university in Sonipat , Harayana . This session aimed to share and make students of the senior classes about various undergraduate courses which they can pursue. It focused on the new and innovative approach that University has towards Liberal Arts. The University shared with children how they can have freedom to opt subjects that they like. The inter disciplinary approach of the various subjects was also told to them. They were told about how the curriculum at Ashoka University is very flexible at all levels and students can chose from various majors, minors and extra curricular activities simultaneously. The students were also introduced about the varied scholarship that can be availed by meritorious students. Students were guided about various streams of interest that can be availed in various subjects if they are studied in correspondence to each other. This session worked as an eye opener for many and can be seen in the light of career guidance which seemed needful for all.

The session motivated students to be more focused towards their goals and be more prepared for what the future holds for them. The students put forth their career related queries and the representative answered them. Many students also shared what careers they wanted to pursue and the preparations they were doing towards it. The students were told the importance of diverse cultures in colleges experienced and excellent faculty.
A minor discussion about placements and higher education also happened.

Overall, the session boosted the very knowledge and confidence in students and persuaded them to channelise their energy and efforts in an optimum way.

Start Time

12:00 am

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Finish Time

12:00 am

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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