“Mathematics is an adventure”

There are always new things to discover and learn.

In Maths quiz our 1st and 2nd rounds were online. The 1stvround was held on 3rd of August, the selected students participated for the 2nd round.

2nd round was held on 5th of August. Later, the students were selected for 3rd round. Further, the 3rd and final round was organized in the school Auditorium on 24th September in which 20 students participated and were further divided into four teams.

The names of the four teams were: Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Ramanujan, and Bhaskara.

Quiz was organized in three groups’ junior group, middle group and senior group.

In the Junior group, Bhaskara attained first position and the participants were –
Yashvardhan (3A), Kanak (4), Riddhi(5A), Darsh(5A).

The Ramanujan team stood 2nd, the Dhuruv Negi (3B ), Indranshi (4), Shreeram Mehra (5B) Aswin(5A).

In the middle group(Classes 6 to 8) Ramanujan team was the winner and the participants were- Ekta (6B), Bhav Pratap (7 B), Bhavya( 8A), Nandini Uniyal(8A), Vansh Bahuguna(7B).

In the Senior group, Team Brahmagupta was the winner and the participants were- Arpit Dimri (9A), Yash Gairola (9A), Deepak Panwar (10A) and Gaurav Kumar (10A). Aditya (12 Sc),

The teachers who were the guiding light to the students in the whole process were- Mrs.Anuradha Mehra,Ms.Rashi Sain, Mr.Deepak Rawat, Mr.Kritharth Joshi and Mr.Sanjeev Rawat.

The students performed with great enthusiasm, zeal and confidence.

Start Time

10:00 am

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Finish Time

2:00 pm

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Event Participants