On 5th November, 2022 , Manava Bharati India International school conducted the third and final round of Spelling Bee’ 22.

On 5th November, 2022, Manava Bharati India International school conducted the third and final round of Spelling Bee’ 22 for the students of classes 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th.

The first and second rounds of the same were held in the classes where all the students participated. It was after these rounds that the following students were shortlisted.

Out of the shortlisted students, three teams were made.
Team A had Dhruv (6thA), Swastik (6thB), Prerna (7th A), Vansh (7th B), Krishna (8th B), Shubh (8th B), Mohd. Ameen (9th A), Soumya Chaudhary (9thB) and Amogh Kukshal (9th B).

Team B had Suhani (6th A), Ekta Prasad (6th B), Aditi (7th B), Priyansha (7th B), Saniya (8th A), Ujjawal (8th B), Rishabh Panwar (9th A), Sahitya (9th A) and Kartikey Pharswan (9th B).

Similarly, in Team C, there was Tanishk (6th A), Arushi Mahar (6th B), Mannat (7th A), Anshuman (7th B), Aditi (8th A),  Anshul (8th B), Shaurya Rawat (9th A), Mohd. Ahad (9th B) and Avantika Bhandari (9th B).

The final round of spell be had 4 rounds. Round 1 was Jumbled Words, in which teams had to unjumble 5 winter, 5 summer and 5 spring words within a minute for each.

This round was followed by a second round which was Make Maximum Words. In this, round each team was given a full length word and they further had to break it down to make as many possible smaller words within 90 seconds.

Round 3, was very interesting as it was a buzzer round. Teams had to press the buzzer quickly and answer correctly that which of the two given spelling was correct. Wrong answer carried negative marks as well.

Round 4 was Speak Out Loud. In this interesting round, student picked chits of words from the box, handed over to the host and on hearing the word, they had to spell it loud in the mic.

When the participants spoke incorrect spellings, the chit was passed on to the audience students and they
were given an opportunity to participate. It was a lot of fun and everyone very enthusiastically listened the words.
Towards the end, scores were announced and Team C was declared winner with a total of 243 points.

Principal ma’am encouraged and appreciated the students.

It was a successful event altogether in which emphasis was given to promote a culture of vocabulary building among students and others in general.

Start Time

10:00 am

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Finish Time

2:00 pm

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Event Participants