The occasion was Manava Bharati’s first alumni connect ever since the inception of the school in 2006 and with its first batch passing out in 2012. – Manava Bharati

The occasion was Manava Bharati’s first alumni connect ever since the inception of the school in 2006 and with its first batch passing out in 2012.

What a glorious night it was 29th October 2022. The memory of it will be etched in the hearts of everyone present there. The occasion was Manava Bharati’s first alumni connect ever since the inception of the school in 2006 and with its first batch passing out in 2012. Students from the batch of 2012 to 2022 were present at the occasion and some of them even shared their nostalgic and special moments at the Dias.

It was a fun filled and well coordinated event which began with the lightening of lamp by the Director of the school Dr. Himanshu Shekhar, Principal Dr. Geeta Shukla, two ex teachers Mr. Srinjoy Ghosh and Mrs. Charu Kohli and two ex students namely Kushagra and Shreya while Shreya Madhwal of 2020 batch sang the beautiful Deep jyoti shloka. It was then followed by a choir performance of Garhwali folk song which was under the supervision of our music teacher and ex alumni Ms. Tanisha Panwar.

It was then proceeded by school band playing beautiful musical beats which was created by using everyday life objects. This was prepared under the able guidance of Mr. Rajeev Sagar, our senior music teacher. Everyone gathered there were thrilled to spectate this enthralling performance. Then, Ms. Jasleen Kaur gave a beautiful speech to welcome everyone present for the occasion. This was followed by inviting Mr. Kritarth Joshi, an alumni of the alma mater and presently a teacher, to deliver a speech. He recalled his fond memories and special moments and relived them by sharing it with all.

A fusion music band performance was given by Ashish Thapa sir , who was previously associated with the school as a Music teacher, along with the members of Fusion band. All enjoyed this mesmerizing performance to the core.
Soham Dutta, a glorious alumni presented a short speech mentioning the names of some teachers and showed gratitude towards them for their guidance.

Ritika Negi, another alumni shared some very cherished memories of her days back in school. Dhruv Sharma, an alumni immensely praised the contributions of the teachers in his life. This was followed by Shreya, an alumni who shared how her learnings from a little instance in school reflected much later in her life. Kusharg Kukreti, gave a fun speech making all more engaged and added onto the laughter.

Ashmit Rana, an alumni of 2022 , gave a quite formal speech in front of the audience and talked about various programmes and events that school motivated him to participate in and groomed him. Megha Kukreti, an alumni of 2018 tried to sum up 14 glorious years of her life in a beautiful short speech and she acknowledged the school as her second home.

This was followed by Vishesh an alumni of 2014,who narrated beautiful days of his school time. Neha Bhatt, who studied in the institution for 12 years shared her emotions of her journey with the school. Nikhil Negi, a pass out of 2014, reminded the students how important it is to build memories of school time. This was followed by previous teachers delivering speech and blessings to the students. Sunil Sharma sir shared a beautiful memory where he appreciated the profound values among the students of Manava Bharati India International school.

Dr. D.P. Purohit , who claimed to be still a family member of the institution, motivated all the present students and asked them to seek an outstanding achiever within themselves. Ms. Neeta Rawat ma’am , who was associated with the school for over a period of 10 years delivered her blessings to all. All these speeches were followed by games and entertainment presented by Mr. Vipin Sir. He mimicked various bollywood artists entertaining all to the next level. Then, a wonderful game of tongue twister was played by all. Then a game was played where students had to guess the names of movies based on movie couples.

Towards the end, all the teachers associated with the school in the past were felicitated by the Director Sir and Principal ma’am. The present teachers of the school were also given mementoes on the behalf of the school followed by all alumni’s been felicitated by mementoes.

Director sir delivered a concluding speech to the programme. He enlightened the gatherers that how the institution had started and how the efforts and dedication of all made this little seed of education an enormous big tree which provides the shade to the uncountable. He also announced that an official Alumni Association of Manava Bharati India International School will be formed. A board of members have also been formulated who will do the volunteer work towards this institution. This association will work towards noble causes and charity work.

An initial amount of Rs. 1,00,000 is donated by the Manava Bharati India International School for the same.
It was followed by a poetic vote of thanks by the Principal ma’am. The entire programme was wonderfully and very wittily anchored by Dr. Anantmani Trivedi who added so much warmth and energy to it. The students who ensured that everything went on smoothly and volunteered for it were: Vani Wilson, Aditya Jugran, Isha Thakur, Himanshu Panwar, Shreya Bhatt, Varun Bisht, Sneha Panwar , Urvashi Gupta, Jaya Bisht and Rishabh Tripathi alongwith the newly elected prefectorial body comprising of Shruti Semwal (Head Girl) and Pranjal Gupta (prefect) with many others.

The photography coverage was done by none other than the famous and incredibly talented man behind the lens who covers most dignitaries including the Prime minister and President of India,Mr. Bhumesh Bharti. National anthem was sung by everyone in the end which was followed by a delicious and a lavish dinner served to all gathered.

Start Time

10:00 am

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Finish Time

2:00 pm

Saturday, October 29, 2022

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